Keratin Lash Lift and Tinting


How does a keratin lash lift work?

The "lifting" part of the name comes from the fact that the keratin treatment works to lift your lash from base to tip, as a mascara wand would, so that you're able to see its full length. But instead of a wand, the effect is achieved using a silicone rod covered in a keratin formula. In the same way that keratin serves as for the strands on your head, this protein works to smooth out and strengthen your lashes while giving them semi-permanent shape.

Your eyes remain closed throughout the entire process, which involves setting your lashes by curling them upwards on the silicone rods, then coating the strands with the keratin solution. The treatment takes about 1 hour. If you decide to add tint to your lashes it would require an additional 30 mins. There are different types of rods that are used depending on the desired styling and the amount of curl you would like to achieve, the larger the rod, the softer the curl.